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Julie Hunt Consulting: Strategies for B2B Software Solutions
Working from the Customer Perspective -- Attaining Right-Fit Solutions

I consult with software vendors and buyers regarding solution strategies, with strong emphasis on working from the customer perspective (customer value, needs, desires, usability, etc.). To help vendors deliver better solutions and help customers leverage software for business goals, I focus on the big picture: very people-oriented (internal and external roles, collaboration, enablement / empowerment), plus understanding key real-world business processes and practices (how work is done to support business goals and better serve customers) – and then how does software technology best support these aspects.

I understand and see the overlap and convergence of many business processes and software solutions that once were thought of as “separate” – and how this impacts both software vendors and buyers as well as the strategies that enterprises implement for how technology supports the business and its customers.

While I provide analysis and guidance primarily at strategic levels, I truly know the nitty-gritty of the software business. I have a deep technical background, extensive customer experience (vendor sales and helping customer implement solutions), and understand how enterprises function (the good and the ugly).